Leisure club "AeroCity"

"AEROCITY" is a leisure and activity center, educational and entertainment complex situated at aerodrome “Borodianka” and belongs to Private Joint Stock Company “AS”, “The regional aviation center”. "AEROCITY" is the main component of a unified concept that promotes aviation sports, outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle.

The complex "AEROCITY" covers 260 hectares and situated 30 km from Kiev. The proximity from the capital allows realize any even the boldest projects and having full confidence that the projects will be successful.

This is a unique project by its scale, both in Ukraine and in Europe. The uniqueness of the project in its infrastructure that includes an airport of «D» class with its own air space and roads.

The investment package is divided into four main components:

  • Variety of aviation services and training;
  • All seasons ski resort;
  • Regenerating energy complex;
  • Recreation area.

Leisure and activity center "AEROCITY" can receive and serve to any guests and satisfy all their needs. Education, aircraft services, active and extreme sports, recreational areas - all of this is provided by the project.

The residents of the largest megalopolis in Ukraine - Kiev and Kiev region will be able to use the services of the complex. And this is about 7 million people.

According to statistics, from January to September 2010 in Kiev were built 576.5 thousand square meters of housing (for 37.7% more than in 2009) and in the Kiev region were built 648.5 thousand square meters of housing (for 61.8% more than in 2009).

Leaders in the construction of new housing in Kiev region are Irpen and Bucha towns. At the end of 2012 in Irpen town were put into operation 145 thousand square meters of housing and in Bucha town - 64 thousand square meters of housing. And these apartments bought people from 28 to 36 years of age.

The potential visitors of the complex "AEROCITY" could be the tourists from Europe and Former Soviet Union, including Russia. It is important to mention that 23 million tourists visited Ukraine in 2012. And for the past 4 years the number of tourists who visited Kiev increased to 58%. Of course EURO championship and general trends towards European integration played an important role in this process.

Considering all the information mentioned, we see the strongly developing market.

The project launched PJSC“AS”. This aviation company is successful for 20 years.

In the company “AS” worked approximately 130 highly qualified and skilled employees whom are ready to share with the experience. The company has all the licenses and permissions for organizing the education courses, also conduct the aviation operations and rendering of services as an aircrafts and aerodrome operator.

Due to the efforts of Private Joint Stock Company “AS” the airport infrastructure is constantly developing and improving. The company also is planning to improve the infrastructure of surrounding lands. While designing the complex company are going to build the roads, provide energy and water-supply, build low voltage networks and other infrastructure.

It is important to note that at the aerodrome "Borodianka" already operates the largest in Ukraine drop-zone. The drop-zone operates for the wide range of customers as: extreme sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Also at the airport was organized and conducted International Festival of an aeromodeling sport "Aeroshok". This festival has been held for past three years and attracts tens of thousands of people. Thus, the aerodrome “Borodianka” already has become the main center of outdoor activities in Ukraine. The aerodrome also has its own extensive customer base.

There is an accommodation and training center. It is 5 store building with over 25,000 square meters. On the surrounding territory are planning to locate the following objects:

Educational courses for the pilots

The courses include: the pilot training program JAR-PPL in accordance with all European requirements, individual education, visa support, necessary education literature, the convenient schedule of practical flights, transfer to / from the airfield, comfortable accommodation near the place of training, the classrooms.

Education courses for adults and children's clubs of an aircraft modeling

Education will divide into three educational programs. The specifics of the programs will be determined by the existing types of model aircraft and by the age of the students.


The company is planning to build the four-star hotel in accordance with European standards. The total area of ??the hotel will be 12, 000 square meters. The hotel will comprise approximately 300 rooms for 500 persons.

Sport club

The sport club and recreation center "AEROCITY" covers the area of about 1500 square meters and comprises:

  • Gym 350 square meters. The gym will be equipped with strength training equipment from leading manufacturers in this industry, besides in the gym will be working professional instructors. All of these will allow the visitors reach optimal results in training.
  • Cardio room. This is separate room covers 300 square meters with ? cardio equipment: treadmills, steppers, skiing and exercise bicycles.

The swimming pools

  • The paddling pool for group and individual sessions with children. The depths of the pool will range from 0.8 to 1.10m with a constant water temperature of 30 degrees above zero.
  • The pool for water aerobics and training classes for pregnant women. The pool depth will be 2m and water temperature 27 degrees above zero.
  • The diving pool with the adjustable floor 12 meters of depth with the training courses for divers: EN 14 153-2 / ISO 24801-2 "Autonomous Diver", CMAS, PADI OPEN WATER standards.
  • And the main swimming pool will be 25 m of length with 4 lanes, from 1.10 to 3m depth and water temperature 28 degrees above zero.

Restaurants complex includes:

  • The restaurant for 200 persons (and for the buffet 400 persons) ;
  • Non-stop lobby bar for 40 persons;
  • Sport bar for 50 persons.

Conference halls

The company is planning to build the conference halls - 100 square meters (for 80 persons) and 200 square meters (for 150 people).

SPA center.


Billiard room.

Poker room.

Infrastructure objects located in the territory of "AEROCITY" Center

Aviation museum on the open air

It is planned to create a large display of aircraft equipment, airframes, helicopters, massive models of aircraft.

The museum will serve as an educational site for pupils and students during aviation holidays, a meeting place for veteran aviators.

Hot air ballooning

Study and planning of all possible take-off and landing sites, most beautiful routes for air tours to picturesque places around Borodianka town will allow to surprise passengers with the beauty of this land irrespective of the wind direction. Using the entire certified aerodrome infrastructure in the organization of such flights will ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Organization of helicopter tours

The helicopter fleet, includes comfortable and safe equipment made both in Ukraine and abroad will allow to offer a wide range of services for those who would like to try such kind of extreme leisure as helicopter tours. The first trial flight on a helicopter will help get acquainted closer with such a stylish vehicle as helicopter and experience for the first time the unforgettable feeling of flying.

Drop zone

Active recreation center "AEROCITY" organizes first trial jumps with round parachute, first tandem jumps with an instructor, solo jumps, training of athlete skydivers under AFF program. Parachute jumping is carried out in Borodianka drop zone (aerodrome) from AN-2 aircraft.

Launch zone for model airplanes and flying kites. Route for off-road vehicles

It is a specially allocated and fitted area for fans of air and auto-model sport. You can launch here your own aircraft models, including control line and free-flying models, kites and those rented from the organizers, including basic training of model control art. You will do it together with people who have the same hobby, sharing your experience and just talking on your favorite topics. There is also a model of rally route with a scale of 1:20 for off-road models for those who are fond of model-car construction.

Vertical wind tunnel

Vertical wind tunnel is both an extreme amusement and a free flight simulator for skydiving beginners. The flying effect is achieved by the design of the vertical wind tunnel which looks like a vertical glass aquarium where a powerful stream of air is blowing at a velocity of over 200 km/h.

Air kicking

Air kicking is an extreme kind of sport which can also be called as ‘human catapult’. It is a special invention which throws you up in the air by a certain trajectory using air pressure and water return technology. The participant presses a button to lift himself for 8 meters up in the air and then he/she falls in a swimming pool.

Paintball ground

A few themed grounds are planned to be made for both tactical and sport paintball. Team games can be played with the following scenarios: Infantry Square, Conqueror & Defender, Capture the Flag, Top Gun, Guerrillas, Freeing of Hostages, Duel, Convoy. In addition to the entertainment purpose, these grounds can be used by private security agencies to train their personnel.

Horse riding

Horse riding is an amusement full of positive emotions, healthy recreation and active physical exercise.

The horse riding is slow, supervised by an instructor who will give instructions and teach how to sit properly in the saddle, how to control the horse and will tell a lot of other interesting things. You can also learn the basics of horse riding.

Road for kart racing

It is planned to design and build a racing road for kart racing as a smaller copy of a famous Formula 1 circuit. The services on organization of the kart racing include: provision of modern dynamic karts, electronic timing with a detailed printout of your results and racing statistics, an electronic scoreboard on the circuit to display the current information, provision of entire racing outfit, training.

Ropes course

It is planned to create about five different routes of ropes course, which will vary as to complexity of passing and age restrictions: from routes for children to routes for physically trained fans of extreme sports.

Groups of interest for children, “Children’s town”

An important factor in the organization of integrated family leisure is involvement of children of various ages. What is especially convenient for visitors with children? It is the possibility of individual, independent activity of their children under supervision of our qualified personnel and entertainers. For this purpose, it is planned to create a separate “Children’s town” which will include amusements and playgrounds where children will be entertained and looked after by employees of the Center.

Archery and crossbow shooting

It is planned to create special grounds for archery and crossbow shooting. Our range of services will allow to begin from basic training and end with official regional competitions. Our experts will give instructions on the required and appropriate equipment according to your parameters and requests and will help make a competent choice, reasonable purchase, individual setting, fitting to your body, adjustment, proper use and maintenance.

Shooting range

There are two shooting rooms created for shooting sport: a 25-meter room for practical shooting training and a 50-meter room for weapon adjustment and individual lessons. The services include shooting with small-caliber weapon, handguns, 7.62 mm caliber rifles.


Design and creation of an artificial pond with an area of about 0.8 hectares for its further stocking with fish and organization of paid fishing. In the course of creation and further use of the pond, we are going to apply special equipment for regulation of chemical properties of the water, oxygen and solutions for biological treatment of water, which will allow to keep in the pond fish of rare species, such as: black carp, trout, catfish, tench.


Equipment for recreation and barbecue zones. Pavilions fitted with tables, benches, grills and designed for various groups: 6 to 20 people, where you can stay comfortably in any weather.

Circuit for quadrocycles

A circuit for quadrocycle driving consisting of two circles is planned to be created. The smaller one-way circle, about 800-meter long, with simulated natural barriers of low complexity, for beginners. The bigger two-way circle, about 2000-meter long, with simulated natural barriers of high complexity and jumping hills.

Roller rink/Outdoor rink (seasonally)

It is planned to create a universal ground which in summer will be used as a roller rink and in winter – as an outdoor skating rink. This ground will be an asphalted site with a total area of about 1,500 square meters divided into several zones according to the level of participants’ training.

Outdoor sports grounds

It is planned to build three multipurpose sports fields. A universal sports ground is an optimal solution for various types of sport. One single ground will be suitable for playing tennis, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, handball. For a better perception of the ground marking, it will be made in different colors for each sport game.

Drive-in theater

A drive-in theater will be made in the open air in a parking lot specifically fitted for watching movies. Popular movies are shown 3 times a day: at 21:20, 23:00 and 00:30.


Qualified and confidential services are rendered for selection and acquisition of aircraft by individuals and companies.

Mini golf

Creation of three grounds for mini golf: 6-hole field (an area of about 250 sq. m), a 9-hole field (an area of about 500 sq. m), 18-hole field (an area of about 900 sq. m) made in various styles of landscape design. Mini fields are planned to be created separately for training of certain types of strokes and tactics: Driving Range, Ground for Chip, Putting Green.

A cliff for mountain-climbers (a climbing wall)

Organisation of an external (street) sporting climbing wall with three working walls designed for different training levels. The wall will be equipped with two belays (upper and lower). Amusement wall (3 pathways) ranging from 3 to 5 metres in height, intended for amusing children and adults with the initial training level. A reference wall (2 pathways) with the height up to 10 metres. A sporting wall (7 pathways) with the height up to 30 metres.

Seasonal Aqua Park

Construction of an aqua park including a cascade of three swimming pools (children’s, adult’s and aqua bar). The complex will include the following water rides: Free Fall, Multi Slide, Kamikaze, two Body Slides and a children ground.

Parkour Ground

The Parkour Ground will be actually a belt of obstacles simulating some natural town facilities like building walls, staircases, street curbs, handrails and the like. Layout of the ground will be elaborated with involvement of leading Kyiv Parkour Teams as experts with consideration of all real needs.

Silence Area

Within framework of “AEROCITY” is proposing to create a remote park area, equipped with a special sound-absorbing fence. Availability of secluded alcoves intended for 1 – 3 persons and provided with lighting and access to Internet (Wi-Fi) will allow people, cloistering from interpersonal communication, to engage in their hobbies like reading, silent communications through Internet and the like. Thus, they can fight the stresses and noise levels they are exposed in usual urban life style.

Bicycle Paths and Bicycle Parking throughout the Territory

It is proposed to equip the entire territory of the Centre with Bicycle Paths, thus allowing bicycles to be the only mechanical vehicles within the territory. In addition, several parking lots for bicycle parking will be organised and furnished with special stands for bicycle parking.

Camping and Car Camping

Organisation of a furnished summer camp for motorcar tourists with places for pitching tents, car parking places and toilets. The camping will function as a self-service facility. The camping will also include the servicing infrastructure like a shop, car wash station, car inspection scaffolding.

Sports Ground for Disabled People

Organisation of a street sports ground provided with exercise equipment adapted to disabled people. The exercise equipment to be mounted on a specialised sports ground for the disabled will be intended for exercises of disabled peoples in wheelchairs, for children and adults, and will habituate the disable to active leisure and sport games outdoors.


Zorbing means an extreme amusement including descent of a person in a transparent ball (zorb) down the surfaces with different slope angles (perhaps, a slight one). A variant of zorbing includes running inside the zorb on a horizontal surface without a set of suspension systems. This kind of active leisure is planned to be provided with a route with the angle slope of some 10-15° and the length of 400 metres.

Labyrinth Park

Organisation of a park area in the form of a labyrinth for walking. The perennial trees with the height about two metres(like white cedar and cypress, dense in their structure) and bushes are used as primary elements of plantation, will allow us to create an atmospheric amusement element. Planned dimensions of the area to be allotted for the labyrinth will be 100x100 metres with the length of paths up to 3 kilometres.

All-the-year-round covered mountain skiing complex in Borodianka

Today, only 20 countries in the world have such high-tech and unique facilities like All-union Mountain Skiing Complex. Some 30 covered all-the-year-round mountain skiing complexes exist in the world: in Europe, in Arab Emirates, in New Zealand, in South Korea.

Construction of two mountain skiing slopes is anticipated for the complex.

  1. A 250-m long snow slope (for training and family skiing):
  • The slope height will be 43 m;
  • The snow slope will be 60 metres wide with consideration of columns for its covering;
  • Snow slope angle ranging from 0 to 13 degrees;
  • Upper landing with dimensions of 15 metres for skiers
  1. A 400-m long snow slope (for professional training and competitions):
  • This ramp height will be 94 m;
  • The snow slope will be 66 metres wide with consideration of columns for its covering;
  • Snow slope angle ranging from 0 to 20 degrees;
  • Pit head with dimensions of 15 metres for skiers

Total area of both snow slopes will be approximately 50000 square metres.

About 1400 person can ski along the slopes of the mountain-skiing complex simultaneously.

Key advantage of the project is in that the formation of the snow slope will not be tied to the natural landscape; it will be an independent architectural and engineering solution. Therefore, additional areas for accommodation of a large number of different facilities of the complex will be available under the skiing slopes. According to preliminary estimated calculation, these can include 23 storeys (3 metres in height) with the total floor space of 220 thousand square metres at least. Taking technological peculiarities of the equipment and applicable processes for formation of the snow cover on slopes into account, operation of such equipment will generate more than enough heat not only for the complex heating, but also for redistribution of the heat, in particular, for maintenance of required temperature in swimming pools and atriums.

Regeneration Complex

Ukraine offers a number of motivations to implement new, alternative energy sources. This occurs within the realisation framework of Green Tariff project. It means an economic and political mechanism intended to attract investments into technologies for usage of renewable energy sources.

Investing funds into this field, a potential investor obtains a number of privileges and legislative incentives, to wit:

  • usage of a special green tariff for the electric power (the Law of Ukraine On Power Engineering);
  • privileges related to imports of the equipment and other tax preferences (Tax Code of Ukraine);
  • operation of a mechanism for joint implementation of projects aimed at curtailment of greenhouse gas emission units (the Kyoto Greenhouse Gases Protocol)
  • governmental guarantees of protection of foreign investments (Laws of Ukraine On Protection of Foreign Investments and On Foreign Investment Regime).

Solutions available on the market today allow us to construct and complete equipment of the complex to obtain the following approximate characteristics:

  • recycling industrial and housekeeping wastes: 50 tons a day;
  • required land plot: 1.2 ha;
  • generation and transmission electricity to consumers: 1.7 MW·h;
  • production of devitrified slag for manufacture of warmth-keeping blocks of mineral wool: 8.5 tons a day;
  • restoration of metals: 6.5 tons a day.

PJSC “AS” as an initiator, offers the potential partners to participate in the project in the following fields:

  • the General Contractor;
  • the form of direct investments to the project as a whole or to any component thereof;
  • the form of joint investments into particular fields;
  • the form of obtaining special preferences for delivery and installation of special equipment.;

It is worthy to note that the above-mentioned cooperation forms in conjunction with the status of PJSC “AS” will allow the potential partners and investors to avoid risk to the maximum possible extent. At each stage of the project implementation are planning measures aimed at providing guarantees and protection of the investments. Major measures will include bank guarantees, security with assets, insurance of various stages. Support of the project on the governmental levels is also a key moment; in particular, this complex is planned to be integrated into the General Development Programme of Kyiv Region.

Total parcel of investments is 450 million US dollars, with the possibility of staged implementation and implementation by fields.

Implementation period of the project is up to 3 years.

Investment payback time, depending on the field, is estimated from 3 to 5 years.

It is worthy to note that works on realisation of the project by PJSC “AS” has been started already and are carried out successfully in a number of fields.

The realisation programme of the project in full is as follows:

  • The first half of 2014: entering into agreements with the General Contractor.
  • The second half of 2014: major planning-projecting works, entering into contracts with partners.
  • The year of 2015: construction, surface infrastructure development, putting into operation and commencement of usage of the first order assets.

Investments into extreme are investments without extreme