Festival "Aeroshok"

For the past three years PJSC "AS" was the general partner and co-organizer of International Festival masters of an aeromodeling sport "Aeroshok". The Festival traditionally holds on the airfield "Borodjanka".

Nowadays the Festival "Aeroshok" can be truly called as one of the most important and major event in the field of aeromodeling sport, not only in framework of CIS but also Europe. Every year the Festival visit sportsmen from many countries (such as: Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Belarus, Bulgaria). These are sportsmen winners of World and European championships. The festival involves a large number of air models, including air models with jet engines and helicopters.

On the Festival "Aeroshok" were presented 9 classes of aeromodeling sport:

Class 1 – pilotage F3A. The festival also conducted the stage of the World Cup in pilotage F3A «Masters Cup» 2013.

Class 2 – RC copies of piston engine aircrafts. The models are made with the maximum authenticity, exactly repeating the airplanes of the 20th century. Among the models were one, two, three and even four-engine airplanes. The task for the sportsmen was - to demonstrate the historical accuracy of the air model and maximally reproduce the realism of the flight.

Class 3 – RC jet air models. The air models in this class are flying at a speed of 280-300 km / hr. Watching the flight of these models, the viewers immerse themselves in the atmosphere of actual combat operations.

Class 4 – RC glider models. Models with a wingspan of 5.7 meters. This aircraft-towing models deliver to a certain height and from this height the pilots begin to surprise the audience with the art of flying.

Class 5 – helicopters. In the frame of the Festival was conducted the stage of the World Cup 3DX, Ukraine 2013. 3DX - a discipline that combines sport and leisure of flying radio-controlled (RC) model helicopters. Annually, conducts 5-8 3DX Cup stages around the world in Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Bulgaria - and now in Ukraine.

Class 6 – piloting FM3. So called extreme aerobatics, also «3D pilotage." During the flight, for more entertainment also using the smoke pumps this makes the flight of the air model more spectacular.

Class 7 – air combat. 6 sportsmen are standing on the takeoff ground, and by the signal launching six fighters. Air Combat begins, during which the main task - to cut as many ribbons as possible attached to rivals air models, while maintaining its own ribbon.

Class 8 – Throwing a radio-controlled glider F3K. From 5 to 12 sportsmen take part in a round. From 5 to 18 rounds in total. The task of the sportsman – to throw the air model with the hand, accomplish the flight by the certain duration and land the air model within 30 seconds after the command of the starter chief.

Class 9 – RC glider F3J. The competition of the air models with a wingspan from 3,5 to 4 meters. A group of sportsmen (5-8 sportsmen) simultaneously launched the air models. The task is - to operate the flight within 10 minutes and land the air model in a circle of 20 cm in diameter.

The Festival takes place in summer and lasts from 3 to 5 days. In the frame of the Festival holding many activities aimed to promote the aviation sports, namely: walks and demonstration flights of the hot air balloons, skydiving, air model and small aircraft demonstration flights. And even - demonstration flights of unique technology aircrafts. Thus, in the airspace of the Festival was AN-124 "Ruslan " aircraft (in 2011) and of AN-70 (in 2013) demonstration flights.