Air cargo transportation
Today aircraft is not only the quickest but also comfortable transport. Doesnt mater you fly as a passenger or transport the cargo. If between the sender and the receiver of the cargo many miles and endless expanses of seas and oceans, air transportation is the choice. Aircraft is the fastest way to deliver the cargo to its destination.

Air transport plays an important role in the normal functioning of economy of any country. A lot of companies need to transport raw materials and products from one city to another, from one country to another. Cargo aircraft deliver the goods very fast. It’s the quickest transport.

The main advantages of air transportation are not only the speed but also the reliability. A high level of commercial aviation and special requirements for packaging and strapping are providing a high level of security. Today, airlines have automated systems that allow the customer to track the goods. The automated systems help the customer to know where the cargo is located and the number of flight with the cargo.  

There are some disadvantages of cargo delivery by air: rather high prices and the fact that not every airport has the opportunity to host the heavy cargo aircraft. That’s why many companies choose multi-purpose civil aviation. The small aircrafts allow to perform fast and reliable delivery of cargo almost at any place.

The cost of air transportation primarily depends of the cargo volume. Periodically held promotions will help to economize the expenses, during which the prices for air transportation are considerably lower.

Assorted lading will reduce the cost of air transportation. This method is suitable for small-volume cargo. The transport company forming the cargo (assorted lading) at the consolidation warehouse. As soon as cargo from different customers formed into assorted lading, corresponding to all transportation norms, the cargo delivers to the destination point. As a result, the customer pays only for the place in the cargo hold.

Before the transportation the cargo must be properly packed. The packaging protects the cargo from all kinds of physical impacts during takeoff and landing.

Also packaging protects not only the cargo, but nearby goods and their packaging, as well as cargo hold of the aircraft. The packaging shouldn’t have sharp corners, metal pins, etc.