Airline PJSC "AS", have its own aircraft fleet and provides following services:

Domestic air cargo transportation within the Ukrainian borders. Air cargo transportation performs aircrafts AN-2 and helicopters Mi-2. The helicopters Mi-2 can carry oversize cargo on the external load, no more then 800 kg.

The aircrafts also perform charter, contract and VIP passenger transportation within the Ukrainian borders. When ordering the transportation you can choose the date, time and destination. And quickly and comfortably flight to the chosen place.

Our aircrafts also perform following aerial works: exploration, development and searching of mineral deposits. If you decide to use our aircrafts for such aerial work there are wide opportunities of territorial coverage, with a possibility of pointed local researching.

The aircrafts perform rescue operations in a case of emergency. PJSC "AS" had made the invaluable contribution in liquidation of Chernobyl disaster, as well as reconstruction works after consequences of flooding in Carpathian region.

Also our aircrafts perform safe and rescue air operations. . Often, when the price of each minute is someone's life, it is important to be on time and evacuate injured people. Our aircrafts fulfill urgent transportation, including transportation of critically ill and injured people from remote areas to provide quality health care.

Also the aircrafts perform air operations, namely: patrolling and pipeline monitoring, detection of faults in work and breakage of high-voltage transmission lines, urgent delivery to the required area repair brigades and equipment.

The aircrafts perform agricultural-chemical work. The aircrafts with special attached implements perform sputtering and spraying, including areas where other methods of processing couldn’t be applied.

The aircrafts are patrolling the woodlands in order to prevent fires and illegal deforestation.

The aircrafts are participating in firefighting activities: do the monitoring of large areas to prevent the forest fire and in a case of forest fire deliver equipment and firefighters to the fire place.

The aircrafts perform operations, such as: aerial photography for mapping services and landscaping.

Also our aircrafts provide parachute landing within the drop zone of the aerodrome “Borodianka” for education, training and entertainment.

The aircrafts assist the police in patrolling the areas for operational purposes.

PJSC “AS” participate as a subcontractor of air transportation. The company organizes multimodal transportation, on a regular basis performs transportation by the certain tracks cargo and mail.

The company organizes training, test and research operations.

All air works on the territory of Ukraine are performed on contractual basis with the airline PJSC "AS".

The organization of aerial works are conducting in close cooperation with all structural units of the company.

The commercial department of PJSC “AS” is accepting applications and proposals from the customer makes technical and economic calculations and finds justification.

As soon as aerial works are discussed with the customer, sales department sends an application form to flight and Engineering and Aviation Service (IAS). These services on the basis of the data are processing the documentation and prepare to perform the aerial work, namely:

  • choose the crew, taking into account work experience and level of training;
  • studying the possibility of aircrafts maintenance at working area;
  • conducting pre-flight crew training and technical service of the aircrafts.

The airline PJSC "AS" is responsible for all its services and operates in accordance with the law, rules and regulations which are accepted in Ukraine, as follows:

  • according to the level of flight experience (for the crews);
  • according to preparation level for aerial works;
  • according to technical condition of aircraft and aircraft equipment;
  • according to organization level of the aircraft maintenance and training of technical personnel.