General data

The airline is a subdivision of PJSC "AS" and meets all the necessary requirements as an aircraft operator in accordance with the rules of State Air Service of Ukraine, as follows: aircraft fleet, qualified pilots, technical and administrative personnel, material and technical base to perform the flights.

Home base - the aerodrome "Borodianka".

Airline PJSC "AS" has its own aircraft fleet: helicopters Mi-2 and small-airplanes AN-2.

Contractual relationship with a number of aerodromes and engineering-aeronautical services of partner companies allows performing aerial works almost in any part of Ukraine.

The main structural units of airline are: flying service, engineering and aviation service, flight safety inspection, quality control service. Supervise these services Vice-President of the airline. High quality of services provides integration with other subdivisions of airlines PJSC "AS", namely: aircraft flight service, radio communication service, aviation security service, aerodrome service, commercial department.

PJSC "AS" policy is - to ensure the safe conduct of aerial works, high level of service, competitive prices, great experience, highly qualified staff and intrinsically safe equipment, using of modern technologies and methods of organization.

The main objectives of the airline PJSC "AS":

  • performance of air operations in accordance with the civil aviation requirements, such as: provide high level of efficiency, reliability and safety of flights;
  • organization and professional training of staff, instructors and flight crews in order to enhance the level of qualification;
  • operational and calendar planning of aerial works;
  • providing the quality of aviation services.

The organizational structure of airline PJSC "AS"

The main functions of aviation service PJSC "AS":

  • organization, realization and monitoring of flights;
  • organization and realization of measures, as follows: prepare, maintain and improve the professional level of the flight crews;
  • development and implementation of measures to improve safety;
  • Improving the organization of flight service, including:
    • planning of flight operations;
    • organization and professional training for crews;
    • flight admission for crews;
    • forming of air crews;
    • organization of preliminary and pre-flight training for crews;
    • crews checking, preparation and training;
    • conducting briefings on safety of flights;
    • control and analysis of the preparation for the flight operations;
    • conducting flight methodical work;
    • organization, study the documents and information of the State Air Service of Ukraine;
    • conducting measures to ensure the protection of health and safety of work;
    • material technical and ware maintenance of personnel;
    • planning and register the aircrafts flights;
    • participation in the investigation of aircrafts incidents.

Engineering and Aviation Service (IAS) Airline PJSC "AS" organize supervision of the timely and qualitative maintenance of all types and forms according to the Rules of aircraft maintenance: seasonal special maintenance, additional works (replacement of engines, aggregates, repairs and works by the programs to increase the resources and service life). Also renew the aircraft fleet with the aircrafts MI-2 and AN-2, according to bulletins of the manufacturers. Engineering and Aviation Service does the restoration works of the buildings, controls equipment and tools assigned to the IAS.

IAS conducts technical and economic planning on the basis of the work plan of PJSC "AS".

The main functions of Engineering and Aviation Service (IAS):

  • organization of control at the airports and aerodromes based aircrafts, conducting work on maintenance service and repair in accordance with the approved State Aviation Service of Ukraine maintenance program;
  • control and maintenance of the aircraft before flight;
  • perspective and operational planning of maintenance works;
  • control, training and admission to aircrafts specialists for maintenance and repair;
  • register and failure analysis of units and assemblies, the flight schedule failure because of technical reasons, implementation of activities for unacceptability of errors;
  • inventory of aircrafts, aircrafts engines, units and assemblies, which are under control of IAS;
  • organization and control of piloting, flight modes and the operation of aircrafts using on-board and ground-based flight information;
  • implementation of new methods of control, condition of units and assemblies of the aircrafts, diagnosis and prognosis;
  • reclamation and claims analysis regarding to failure in work of units and assemblies.