Aerodrome information. General information

In the village Borodianka, Kiev region in 1936 was built the military aerodrome. Soon after an aerodrome in Uzin city was set in operation and the aerodrome “Borodianka” became as reserve aerodrome for strategic aviation. Since the end of 1970 to 1990 the aerodrome land was reserved and wasn’t exploited. In 1993 Closed Joint Stock Company «AS», received this land for permanent use as part of the overall strategy and development of general aviation in Ukraine. In the same year the aerodrome «Borodianka» was listed in the National Register of civil aerodromes of Ukraine as "D" class aerodrome and was certified according to all conditions of Ukrainian Air Code.

For more than 20 years of modern history of the aerodrome «Borodianka» CJSC «AS» on the former military airfield created integrated complex that satisfies all needs of the civil aviation. Aviation enterprises of the different ownership forms were using the aerodrome «Borodianka» to perform a wide spectrum of activities, such as: air transport operations, aviation and chemical operations, aerial survey, patrolling the forests and oil pipelines, control and monitoring the mobile networks. The invaluable contribution was made in liquidation of Chernobyl disaster, as well as reconstruction works after consequences of flooding in Carpathian region. All these missions were done on the highest level of safety. At the aerodrome «Borodianka» worked approximately 130 highly qualified employees. These employees are providing service and security of flights.

The material and technical resources of the aerodrome was significantly improved and still developing. At the aerodrome were built and put into operation: aircraft hangars, aircraft repair shops, warehouses, storage of fuels and lubricants, new administrative buildings.

Aerodrome «Borodianka»

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Nowadays the aerodrome «Borodianka» is the permanent ground that functioning by the visual flight rules: for training, parachute jumps and other flights. The aerodrome handling the aircrafts of the 4th class (maximum 10 ton) ultra-light and light airplanes and the helicopters of all classes.

The aerodrome «Borodianka» handling aircrafts of all types of ownership and on the basis of the contractual relationship with CJSC «AS» «The regional aviation center».

The airport «Borodianka» performs only domestic flights.

1. The geographical and administrative data of the aerodrome.
Control point coordinates and site at AD 503957.19N 0295600.83E
Direction and distance from settlements 30 km. to the north-west from Kiev, 2 km to the north, urban village Borodyanka
The aerodrome (ACP) specified temperature 149,2 м/490 ft/ 23,6 °С
Magnetic declination 4° E
Thresholds elevation 102° –149,2 м/490 ft;
282° – 145,6 м/478 ft
Types of authorized flights VFR
The aerodrome working hours.
Aerodrome administration 0700 – 1500 (0600 – 1400) exempt SAT, SUN, HOL days
Customs and immigration nil
Medical service 0600 (0500) – sunset
ARO, MET 0600 (0500) – sunset
AFIS authority 0600 (0500) – sunset
Refueling service 0600 – 1500 (0500 – 1400)
Aviation security service Н24
Registration and processing service nil
Anti-ice nil
Notes The aerodrome has working hours and non working hours. You can reserve non working hours for your needs and inform the aerodrome service no later then 2 days before the date, tel. 04577) 5-27-69; fax. 04577) 5-17-02

Physical characteristics of taxiways (TW) AND Assigned Points / Check Points.

TW, parking lot, points/ check points Width Road surface The ground solidity
TW № 1 30 m ground the 4th class aircrafts, helicopters of all classes
TW № 2 30 m ground the 4th class aircrafts, helicopters of all classes
Location and check points of altimeter elevation nil
Check points VOR/ INS nil
Notes nil
The landing zone for helicopters at the aerodrome.
TLOF coordinates 503945 N, 0295558 E
TLOF elevation ,(Набс) m 173,5 м
Location, type of a road surface, carrying capacity of the surface, zone pointing The crossroad TW0, TW1, TW2, ground, maximum weight 10 ton, pointed by the flags
Approaching lights nil
Notes nil
Control system of the surface movement, management of the system and special marking.
Identification points for parking of the aircrafts, guide lines for TW system and visual docking / placement on the parking lot Direction lines for enter/exit ways on the landing strip, TW direction lines and driving ways, the parking lot points, placement on the parking lot by the meeting side
Pointing of landing strip and TW Landing strip center, boundary lines, boarding «T», landing zone, corner lines, enter pointing, side boundary lines, end security lines, TW lines.
Signal lights «Stop» nil
Signal lights of landing strip and TW nil
Notes nil
Emergency and rescue and fire fighting service.
Class of the aerodrome by the fire fighting equipment III category (CAT III)
Rescue equipment Rescue and fire fighting vehicles are equipped according to CAT III.
The aerodrome has necessary equipment to move the broken aircrafts. 10 tons ACFT inclusive
Notes nil
Meteorological or weather information
The meteorological service The aerodrome meteorological service
Working hours and informational meteorological service, another hours 0600 (0500) – sunset
The body responsible for drawing up TAF, periods of validity The aerodrome meteorological service 9hr
Instruction Instruction according to regular and special observations. Self-instruction
The maps and other information available for instruction and consultation Aerodrome weather forecast: TAF, GAMET, AIRMET, SIGMET, the aerodrome warnings
Additional equipment available for providing information nil
Bodies of OPR, provided with information “Ediniza. The aerodrome information”
An additional information (service limits, etc.) nil

Plan of the aerodrome

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